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Best Sun Reflective Paint for Roof

Fort Specialties has wide ranges of temperature resistant and heat reflective coatings especially from Thermilate. Thermilate insulating coatings contain tiny ceramic micro-spheres of 30-100 microns in diameter. The tiny microspheres act as highly efficient thermal barriers, so that when the coating dries, they forma barrier against heat transfer. The layer is created by the microspheres coming closer together as the coating dries, until they eventually touch each other forming a single, very thin, thermal barrier. This barrier reflects, reflects and dissipates heat, thereby keeping heat in as structure during the cold months and out of the structure during the hot months. As they are true microspheres, the ceramic particles do not add weight but increase the strength of the coating. This helps to keep down the weight loading on the structure being coated.

What is Sun Reflective Paint for Roof?

Actually, sun reflective paint for roof is not paint. The phrase “reflective roof coating” is the correct one. Roof coatings resemble paint in appearance, but they are far more robust and have a thickness and strength that is unsurpassed by paint. Designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a typical roof, sun reflective paint for roof is a heat reflective paint. Its lowers the temperature of the roof, which in turn lowers the temperature of the interior space. The lessened temperature gradient across the slab lowers the power usage in air-conditioned areas.

This is a substance that is intended to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a typical roof, just as wearing light-coloured clothing can help you stay cool on a hot day.

Why Use Sun Reflective Paint for Roof?

Choose the Right Sun Reflective Paint for Roof:

Roofing felt, concrete, roof tiles, roof sheets (made of steel or fibreglass), and even mastic asphalts are frequently used in the construction of roofs. It is crucial to be sure the paint you want to use will work with the sort of roofing material that your roof is made of.

Leading manufacturers’ sun reflective coatings are available at Fort Specialties. Before selecting your paint, it’s critical to establish the type of material that makes up your roof. Fort Specialties carries a variety of heat reflecting and temperature resistant coatings, mainly from Thermilate.


Sun reflective paint is a thermal insulation paint that also functions as a heat-reducer and may be used on any style of roof. It has a sun reflecting covering that works to reduce heat more effectively. It is a thermal reflecting paint that prevents the roof from being heated by the sun too much.

Sun reflective paint for roof is an environmentally friendly paint that, when used on cement, asbestos, or MS roofing, raises the surface’s emissivity that results in reflection of the heat energy. Apart from these non-conductive qualities, it also offers efficient insulation through its homogeneity.

Sun reflective paints for roof can reduce energy expenses, help optimize the roof’s appearance, and assist extend the lifespan of your roof in three different ways.

In order to lessen the flow of heat into the structure, whether it be a residential home, a commercial office, a factory, or a warehouse, they work in reflecting sunlight away from the surface.

  • They reduce the thermal expansion and contraction of roofing surfaces
  • It helps you to stop and control leaks.

The only disadvantage of sun reflective paint is that they are expensive than other normal paints. However, it delivers more durability and helps in reducing energy bills.

Normally, a good quality reflective paint will last from 10 to 15 years.

Solar reflective paint is not weatherproof. A building cannot be waterproofed using solar reflecting paint. Any surface on which it is applied will have a cooler temperature thanks to its ability to deflect UV rays. It is not unusual to see attempts to stop leaks by liberally applying solar reflecting paint to fractures in flat roofing. This will not stop the leaking and it will continue until you fix it as needed.

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