Your Trusted Sika Distributor in UAE

When it comes to construction and concrete repairs, Sika is the leading supplier of quality products. Offering the best Sika AbuDhabi, we are your trusted distributor making your work seamlessly easier.

Sika produces and develops a variety of high-quality, seamless, commercial and industrial resin and concrete flooring products that are appropriate for a range of settings, markets, and applications.

Sika flooring and coating solutions are used in a variety of functional areas in buildings and facilities, including industrial floors with mechanical and chemical resistance, walls in the food industry that must meet hygienic standards, floors and walls in clean room environments, and decorative floors and walls in commercial and residential structures. In an urban setting, they can be applied to practically all project kinds.

Why Use Sika Construction Products?

Sika is regarded as the market leader in the concrete repair and protection sector globally. Sika is able to offer systems to restore and rehabilitate concrete and masonry structures that have deteriorated due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, freeze/thaw, seismic activity, reactive aggregates, and other factors thanks to many years of research and development combined with decades of practical experience.

Finding the underlying cause of the degradation from an accurate diagnosis is one of the keys to making repairs durable and long lasting. To do this, Sika has consistently advocated the idea of Repair and Protect. The protection takes care of the hidden, latent damages while the repairs address the evident, immediate damage.

Construction Chemicals: What are they and why are they so important?

Construction chemicals companies in UAE are necessary for any industrial or commercial building project, especially now that the world economy is driven mostly by need for infrastructure development.

Construction chemicals are chemical substances used during construction to bind it with other building materials like cement and concrete. To strengthen the bond between materials used in construction, lower costs, and increase durability, natural or synthetic materials are added to the mix. They are additionally combined with mortar and concrete to strengthen the buildings.

How Construction Chemicals Has Changed the Construction Industry in the Past Years?

Customers now have a better grasp of the advantages of employing construction chemicals to lengthen the lifespan of their structures. Metro city dwellers continue to lag behind the general public in the acceptance of modern products, though. Additionally, as the sector gets more organised, customers have begun to recognise the potential benefits of novel building chemicals.

As the top Construction chemicals companies in UAE, Fort Specialties offers a variety of construction chemical that consumers can easily use in their locations. These building chemicals are so simple to use that they may be applied without labour by simply following a few simple instructions.