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March 14, 2023 in Uncategorized

Enhancing Durability – The Benefits of Fila Sealers

Fila Fob Xtreme is a solvent-based oil and waterproofing product for sealing and safeguarding both interior and exterior stone.

As stone is more challenging to maintain than carpet, many homeowners want a long-lasting option. In fact, stone needs to be sealed to provide long-lasting protection because of how porous it is. The typical stone sealer used to be silicon-based and was not particularly efficient. Thankfully, science has advanced since then, and we can now rely on efficient green goods like water-based sealers.

Fort Specialties carries a wide selection of FILA stone sealers to tackle various issues – from external floors to internal kitchens. Here are our top FILA products along with the best reasons to use a stone sealer.

  1. Cleaning will be easier with a stone sealer.

Maintaining a stone’s cleanliness and good looks for years to come is the main advantage of a sealing product. Also, a top-notch stone sealer will make cleaning a breeze, giving you more time to enjoy your family and property. Also, because the sealer will keep the surface from collecting too much moisture, you won’t need to keep polishing your stone in an effort to prevent streaks. Who wouldn’t want to feel carefree about their natural stone? This form of treatment also prevents stains from being rooted.

Our best stone sealer for accelerating cleaning is MP90 ECO XTREME. This sealer offers eco-friendly stain prevention and is suitable for all types of absorbent surfaces, both polished and unpolished.

  1. Stain protector for surface

Whether your flooring is constructed of marble or concrete, natural stone is porous and prone to stains that last a lifetime. Grease stains and shoe scuff marks won’t stick to your floors thanks to a stone sealer, but if they do, you can easily remove them without damaging the surface.

For unpolished surfaces, FILA’s W68 is a stain protection that seals and shields porous materials like rough-finished stone. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, although when used indoors, a protective base coat should be placed before applying wax. Moreover, FOB XTREME will prevent the absorption of typical oily stains, making it perfect for kitchens with natural stone floors. We would suggest MP90 ECO XTREME for polished floorings like marble or granite to provide eco-friendly defense against common scuffs.

  1. Worktop protector to keep your kitchen look like brand new

Granite and marble are excellent choices for kitchens because of their enduring form and beauty. Although these stone worktops are highly durable, they are susceptible to damage, especially from stains. Grease and coffee are common kitchen criminals, but a FILA sealer will shield your stone. Even though it will still require upkeep and cleaning, you can easily remove any stains without running the risk of leaving a mark.

The best worktop protection is FILA’s MP90 ECO XTREME, which is especially well suited for surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens. Countertops are the workhorse of any kitchen and will always put in a lot of effort, but at least with a FILA stone sealer, no one would ever know!

  1. Stone sealer to improve the durability of outdoor floors

Protect your outdoor stone from all types of damage by using a FILA stone sealer. Unsealed stone can become weathered over time and develop fractures and this is not something you want in your garden.

CONCRETE SHIELD will make an outdoor surface made of interlocking pavers or tiles resistant to weathering. Moreover, FOB XTREME provides the natural stone with water and oil resistance protection, making it particularly suitable for barbecues and car/bike driveways. Two other FILA solutions that shield outdoor surfaces and stop moss and mold growth are HYDROPREP and HYDROPREP ECO. Both HYDROPREP and HYDROPREP ECO shield natural stone from weather-related deterioration, though HYDROPREP is solvent-based and HYDROPREP ECO is water-based.

Another stone sealer that can be used outside is MP90 ECO XTREME, but avoid using it if it’s supposed to rain! Moreover, this solution emits incredibly little VOC and can endure residual humidity. Just apply and rub in until fully absorbed.

  1. It’s simple to apply stone sealants by yourself.

Does the thought of sealing your stone seem like it would be too labor-intensive? We guarantee it’s simple and reasonably priced. The longevity of your natural stone can be significantly extended with a simple task using several FILA products that can last for several years. Also, a large portion of our selection is water-based and very eco-friendly thanks to the research and development of FILA to create better green stone sealer solutions. Hence, you need not worry about top-notch protection from dirt and stains, unpleasant byproducts or a demanding maintenance schedule.

We hope you’ve enjoyed it and are more knowledgeable about applying stone sealer. Although natural stones like marble and granite are well-liked for their aesthetic, regular upkeep is necessary to keep them looking good.

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