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April 10, 2024 in Uncategorized

Seamless Tile Projects: Applying Mapei Epoxy Grout Simplified

Seamless Tile Projects: Applying Mapei Epoxy Grout Simplified

The purpose of grout is to fill the joints or voids between the tiles to avoid possible movement or cracks. In this flooring technique epoxy is an innovative solution that provides optimum water and stain resistance. Mapei UAE being a premium brand that offers high-quality building chemicals offers an epoxy grout that surpasses its competitors in adhesion and long-lasting qualities.

Applying Mapei Epoxy Grout requires a qualified tradesman for the best results. However, it can be done with a DIY guide given you have the skill and energy to work on it. The key point to remember is that epoxy grouts set within no time. With this insight here is a DIY guide that can be of help.

Epoxy Grout: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Clean up the Surface

After ensuring that the tiles are firmly set and the mortar that glues the tile to the cement board substrate has cured clean the surfaces to get rid of residues. This includes scraping any dried residues from the grout lines and vacuuming the grout lines for dirt and dust. Thus a conducive surface free of contaminants is set for better adhesive action of the epoxy grout.

Step 2: Mixing

Epoxy grouts come in two components. The first part is called Component A or Grout Mix. The second part is the Hardener or Component B. Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for optimum mix. However, before mixing the key point need to be remembered. It is that the epoxy grout mixture sets within no time. Generally observed setting time is in the range of 30 to 45 minutes. Specifically speaking about Mapei UAE they fix it to 30 minutes. After making the mix, the grout has to be applied and cleaned within this period.

Step 3: Application

An epoxy grout float or a trowel can be used for application. Hold the grout float at a 45-degree angle and press the grout into the tile joint. Make sure that the joints are filled without any voids. Now that the grout has been applied it is time to clean residues.

Step 4: Removing Excess Epoxy Grout

The edges of a grout float can be used to remove surface residues. Place the float at a 90-degree angle concerning the tile and move it across the tile surface. Even with this technique, you may find residues in the corners and faces of the tile. A wet sponge or abrasive pad can be used to remove remaining residues. The cleaning can be enhanced with the use of a bit of dishwashing soap. As a final touch give a scrub on the surface with a grout haze remover using a damp sponge. All these have to be finished before the grout mix gets set. This is why it is often recommended to hire an expert experienced in finishing this work within the expected setting time. However, in a DIY approach, you can make it by mixing the epoxy grout in small quantities.

Step 5: Curing

In the next 24 hours please don’t disturb the installed tiles or walk over it. Also protect the epoxy for at least 7 days from the time of application.

By now you are equipped to apply the Mapei epoxy on your residential property or commercial setting. However, it is important to get genuine Mapei products in UAE to ensure the quality of application. Fort Specialties being a pioneer among construction chemical companies in UAE is all set to supply genuine products from reputable brands such as Mapei. Moreover, our professional consulting can help you for a foolproofed application of Mapei epoxy.