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January 14, 2024

The importance of Epoxy for Basement Floor

The basement of your building, be it an industrial building or a residential property, is a place where you will be stocking up a lot of items. The items stocked up might include heavy metals and chemicals. Handling these materials consistently, might cause the basement floor to be subjected to damage in due course of time. The chemicals or debris of the substances that you store in the basement could get into the gaps of the basement floor and meddle with the adhesion of concrete base and the floor material. The consequence of this could be abrasions and flaking off from the floor. The chances of such happenings is really high for industrial basements. This is why industrial flooring contractors in UAE try to come up with innovative solutions which are at a time durable and affordable. One of the best among such solutions is the use of epoxy coating for basements.

In this blog we will be weighing on the importance of epoxy for basement floor as put forwarded by industrial flooring contractors in UAE:

Water proofing

The seeping in of water through your basement floor crevices could result in the weakening adhesion of flooring. One big advantage of having an epoxy coating on the floor is a surface free of crevices. The industrial flooring contractors in UAE will tell you that epoxy will act as a waterproof barrier for water to seep in. Being water proof, surface epoxy coated floors make it easy to clean the floors meanwhile avoiding the chances of mold growth. When we speak about mold, another point worth mentioning is the antimicrobial property of epoxy coating. This prevents the growth of moulds in its surfaces. It can be said that this property of epoxy coated surfaces will ensure the durability of the floor in the long run.

Strength and Durability

Epoxy coated floors have a history of resisting and protecting themselves from abrasions and chipping caused due to constant activity in the basement floor. The chemical composition of epoxy is such that it makes a stronger bond with the concrete layer beneath it. This bond is so strong and durable, making your floors last longer

Low Maintenance

Unlike other floors that require expensive treatment, it is easy to clean epoxy coated surfaces with mild soap and water. The crevice free flat surface made of a material will repel chemicals and stains successfully. This makes it easier to clean and maintain epoxy basement floors.

Aesthetic looks

Another important benefit of having epoxy for basement floors is in the aesthetic looks that they offer. From plain designs to custom designs the industrial flooring contractors in UAE offers a variety of options to make basement floors look beautiful. Among these benefits, durability, chemical resistance and easy maintenance makes epoxy a popular choice among industries. This has been verified by leading industrial flooring contractors in UAE.

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