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May 8, 2023 in Uncategorized

How Mapei and Fila Can Make Life Easy in the Garden

Natural stones have a certain kind of charm and appeal, and while they do increase the aesthetic value of the garden, it is important to keep the stones clean if they need to continue to look good and hygienic. And of course, clean stones will not be slippery and non-slippery patios will be safe for people to walk on. If you are struggling with the treatment and protection of natural stone in your garden, don’t worry about it any more. Because there is a sustainable and environment-friendly option through Mapei waterproofing. You can get in touch with a reliable Fila sealer distributor in UAE to look at the different waterproofing options and along with sealing.

Stone is beautiful, but needs extra care

Keeping the stone clean when you have trees above them could be a cautious task, but can be done. Each time maintenance is done for the property, you need to have the Fila sealer to keep the paver patios, pool decks, driveways and walkways as beautiful as the day they were installed. It is imperative to have a professional perform the cleaning and sealing task because then it will be perfect and done correctly. Call your Fila sealer distributor in UAE to get this done correctly.

Natural stone needs to be sealed correctly because being porous they will easily absorb everything that comes through – fluids, dust particles, food particles and so on.

Stone patios kept clean through waterproofing and sealant

It is not hard to keep the stone clean when you have the right products and that’s where the Mapei waterproofing and the Fila sealer distributor in UAE can help you. With different seasons, it is quite easy for the stone to be accumulated with dirt, dust, mould and algae and proper and timely treatment is the only way in which they can be treated and kept clean and non-slippery. The Fila sealant will not preserve the stone, but also provides sufficient protection against staining, discolouration and other damages that are likely to happen.

Using a great sealer will reduce rework, minimise maintenance expenses and increase the look of the stone. The innovative technology of the micro-level protection provided by the sealant will ensure that the stone pores are protected and sealed, and the liquids, water or oil wouldn’t be able to penetrate inside and get trapped. The sealant will protect and at the same time allow the ‘stone to breathe’, because if the stone traps in moisture, and becomes saturated with it, then it could eventually lead to chips, cracks and eventually affect the longevity of the stone.


With good quality Fila sealant, you can keep the stones and patio clean and grow-free. This would also remove any remaining sealant that’s present on the surface. The sealer would keep the stone clean, dry and free of any cracks.

Together with Mapei, you will be able to protect the stone, and prevent any kind of damage, making it long-lasting and beautiful for several years.