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December 26, 2022 in Uncategorized

What to do if my Swimming Pool is Leaking?

If you own a pool, one thing you are constantly looking out for is a pool leak. A minor leak, if ignored, has the potential to grow into a major issue. The best piece of advise is to contact pool service experts to fix the leak if you think your pool is leaking.

Additionally, waterproofing companies in Abu Dhabi perform routine maintenance on your pool, you may be able to see any leaks or other issues before they cause harm. What can you do if your pool leaks, then?

How Can You Tell Where the Pool is Leaking?

Make sure the leak isn’t coming from your plumbing or pool equipment before conducting any tests inside your pool. Start by inspecting the entire area of your filtration system. This includes the heater, chlorinator, pool pump, filter, and any O-rings or connectors where water may be leaking. Fortunately, it’s simple to find these leaks.

However, there’s a potential that your plumbing system contains a leak that you can’t notice. Additionally, leaking from subsurface piping can occur if you have an inground pool. Regardless, you must inspect your pool to ensure that you are not losing water to evaporation even if you are unsure whether you have a plumbing leak.

  • Look for Evidence of Pool Leak

Pools naturally lose water through evaporation, but if it seems like more than half an inch is being lost daily, there probably is a leak. Other indicators of a pool leak include swampy patches of grass or pool deck as well as obvious concrete or tile cracks.

When you frequently add fresh water to the pool, the chemical concentrations will shift considerably, making it difficult to maintain the proper chemical levels. If you’ve been filling your pool more frequently, you could have even noticed an increase in your water bill.

  • Check for Leaks at the Equipment Pad

You should also examine the equipment pad for leaks. You can even hire the Swimming pool leak repairing companies in UAE? Water may be leaking into the equipment pad if a connecting seal has cracked or a component has failed. You’ll need to repeatedly inspect the area for a few days because water may not be immediately apparent.

The culprits could be pumps, heaters, valves, or filters. When inspecting this area, exercise particular caution to avoid getting accidently shocked by an exposed electrical line that may be moist.

  • Try the Bucket Test

A bucket test is a good approach to determine whether the pool is leaking water or the water is evaporating. Put some pool water in a 5-gallon bucket and use some painter’s tape or duct tape to mark the top of the waterline.

Mark the top of the waterline of the pool with a second strip of tape. After leaving the bucket next to the pool for a day or two, check the water level difference between the two tape lines. A pool leak is more likely to be the cause of a large variation in water levels than evaporation.

  • Use the Dye Test

You can use some food colouring or a specialised pool leak detecting dye to find the leak once you’ve ruled out evaporation and established that your pool is leaking. Wearing goggles will make it easier for you to see what’s going on as you might need to swim to the bottom of your pool. You can inject a tiny bit of food colouring or pigment into the water around any integrated components or plumbing fixtures.

The dye will naturally flow toward a leaky area near a skimmer, pump, or drain and be sucked out. Using a snorkel to breathe while looking underwater is another beneficial alternative because it’s simpler to see the dye being drawn toward a leak if the water isn’t churning.

Seek Expert Help from Fort Specialities

Are you looking for the Swimming pool leak repairing companies in UAE? Fort Specialities is at your service. You should contact a pool repairing business if you can’t locate the leak in your pool or if you have identified a leak but aren’t sure how to fix it. The majority of pools can be fixed by pool experts because they have the greatest equipment.

The best course of action may be to replace the pool liner if the problem is a leaky one and your vinyl pool liner or pool liner is older. Additionally, a leak in the equipment pad that could cause electrical shocks will be safely fixed by pool professionals. Leave the difficult labour and expertise to a professional who understands exactly how to locate the troublesome pipe and fix it if the pool is leaking in the subsurface piping