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July 13, 2023 in Uncategorized

Polished Flooring: Features and Benefits

Polished concrete flooring has become very popular among homeowners, commercial centres, warehouses and almost every space where you need nice, attractive floors. There are several interesting features attached to the polished concrete making it a very interesting and feasible choice for both commercial and residential uses. The industrial look is becoming the trend, and it is easy to clean, withstand hard usage, and quite easy to clean too.

 So, what is polished concrete? Let’s know more about this affordable flooring material from industrial flooring contractors in UAE.

All about polished concrete

Workers use heavy duty machines to grind and polish the concrete, and once done, they remain glossy and polished to the desired degree of shine and smoothness.

Polishing concrete is like sanding wood. The polishing is done using heavy duty polishing machines integrated with grits of diamond segments or disks. The polished concrete comes with different grits, which could be adjusted to the levels of 100-200, 400,800,1500 or 3000. The higher the grit, the glossier the finish. The polishing is done according to the level of reflectivity that you need.

If you are looking for a low-sheen alternative to the high glossy finish, especially when the client requests it, then go for the 100-200 grit option. It is more suitable for industrial floors and there is still that uniform colour and texture. If you have a warehouse, the usual option would be to go for the 400 grit because it would stay good and strong even after regular wear and tear and foot traffic. Retail floors often go with the 800 grit option while offices often choose the 1500-3000 grit option. However, you need to have a plan to maintain the finish or eventually there will be signs of wear and tear.

Polished concrete is used widely in:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Large warehouses
  • Warehouse outlets
  • Showrooms
  • Retail stores
  • Offices
  • Homes

Installing the polished concrete floors depends on the size and temperature of the room, and of course, on the installation method that you choose. And then you have the resealing process to make it water-proof.

Benefits of polished concrete

Many people are shifting to polished concrete because it is long-lasting and cost-effective when compared to other flooring materials. With proper care and maintenance, polished concrete can last for a really long time; the manufacturers claim a time-frame of at least 20 years.

Polished concrete doesn’t need any elaborate cleaning plans. Just a weekly wet mopping would do the trick. It will remove the stains and smudges and restore the gloss and shine.

If you think you are limited with the design options in concrete, you are mistaken, because concrete floors can be combined with any kind of stains, dyes and design elements to add value and aesthetics to your space.

And it is slip-resistant too. That’s really great, right? Especially when you have elderly people in your house. You can add a non-slip epoxy coating to the concrete to make it slip-resistant, and it is all ready.

Polished concrete floors are really an attractive option for your floors. The line imperfections and the patterns are what attracts most people to this flooring choice. However, you can add shrink-reducing additives and anti-crack reinforcements to help reduce the large cracks.


Buy your polished concrete from reputed industrial flooring contractors in UAE to ensure quality material that lasts, looks fantastic and adds appeal and beauty to your building.